Best 2D Toolkit Based on LibGDX (OpenGL)

Functions that you know you'll need - from one developer to another.


OpenGL Backend

Written to be used with LibGDX, this framework interfaces directly with OpenGL and therefore the GPU itself - you don't worry about performance.

Interpolation Tools

Slide actors around the window, smooth zoom and translate cameras with all the easings you need and more.


Designate camera sequences and trajectories, load and play visual effects dynamically, rumble the camera, draw text with a timeout.


Written with Box2D, create body definitions and fixtures with ease; in-built functions exist for working with velocity and drift.


Load tilemaps quickly and easily - parse all collideable objects immediately, as well as shape types and cell layers.


Fully fleshed out docs that can get you up and running in no time; readable code and highly customizable.

About Ricochet

LibGDX 2D engine with new vector-based physics functions and a custom UI engine so you can focus on core mechanics.

GTA -1, one of my recent projects using Ricochet

As a native app / game developer myself, I've been using LibGDX for a long time by now; I compiled a list of all the features I needed or wanted to see in the engine for my benefit, and shaped them into a 2D framework.

The project has expanded over the past few months, adding awesome features such as the following:

  • Customizable camera rumbles
  • Dynamic visual effect loading and rendering
  • Upgraded Box2D Body tools

Here are a few, not all, of the features I plan on implementing soon:

  • Updated table mechanics, property box class
  • ASCII text file to location-based object translation